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Back Up Thousands of Pictures and Videos in Seconds
With over a million units sold worldwide, PhotoTek is becoming the fastest, simplest and safest way to backup all your precious memories from your devices.
1,204 Reviews
Save Time, Money and Memories
PhotoTek Protects Your Files And Keeps Them Safe

Designed to Safeguard Your Precious Memories!

Recent research shows that over 89% of all digital photos and videos are lost due to technical issues. These memories could be deleted forever. The PhotoTek is the best solution to find, sort, and back up all your photos and videos from your devices without the risk of losing everything. It can safely back up and store thousands of pictures and videos in a matter of seconds!

Meet the PhotoTek

Finds ALL Memories
Searches your entire phone to ensure no picture or video is ever missed!
Super Easy To Use
Simply plug it into your phone or computer and hit ‘Back up Now’!
Backs Up Files Fast
Save hours of searching and back up 1,000s of photos in minutes!
For all devices
Use it on any device, tablet, smartphone, or computer.
1,204 Reviews
Never Pay For Backup Services Again.
PhotoTek is a one-time purchase. You no longer need to pay a fortune to keep your files safe. Our ‘Smart USB’ creates reliable backups in minutes. And you can backup multiple computers or smartphones on just one PhotoTek.
Say goodbye to “Storage Full” errors
PhotoTek is the easiest way to move files from your smartphone to your computer. There’s no subscription, no clunky downloads. Just insert and transfer your photos, videos, and more.
Your Privacy Is Guaranteed
The big tech cloud providers won’t tell you that multiple employees actually have access to your private photos and files. With PhotoTek, the only person who has access to your files is you.

Recommended By Smartphone Repair Specialists

Over 200,000 computers and smartphones crash every year. It happens often, and even newer devices can get corrupted. Don’t become part of the statistics.

  • Easy to Use
  • Password Protected
  • 64GB storage
  • For all Devices


TrustScore 4.9 | 1,204 Reviews
Security Guaranteed
You can pay with almost every payment method. All payments are encrypted and safe.
Hassle-Free Returns
If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
Fast & Easy Delivery
Over 90% of our customers receive their goods within 2 weeks after purchase.

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